Jesse Boshoff
Jesse Boshoff

I have dedicated myself to environments that require precision, discipline and a sence of creativity. My professionalism in the workplace has allowed me to interact with persons from a vast majority of professions. Creating trust and understanding, leading towards greatness. 

From creating new client relations to finding solutions in high pressure situations. Overall a well balanced hard working, partner, team mate and friend. 

I have been Coaching and assisting the South African Motorcycle Racing Academy for about 6 years. 

My experience spans from classroom sessions to ontrack training, Advanced cone work drills, bike control, basic race prep and technical training. Track day Guest Instructor and 1 on 1 Coaching. 

Having worked with some of the best riders in the world, i have also managed to increase my own skillset over the years. I was able to balance a 7 - 5 corporate job, training camps and racing nationally as a privateer finishing in the Top 5 in any given class. 

The art of riding is something every rider has to master for themselves. My goal is that my students have fun on this journey, providing them with Words of encouragement and wisdom, to create confidence ontack and during training. My love for the sport can be used to inspire and create drive in almost anyone. 

Racing Experience 

2012 - Regional Superstock Championship - Top 10 Contender (Yamaha R6) 2012 - Bike SA 24HR Endurance Race - P2 Overall (Kawasaki ZX6) 

2013 - National Superstock Championship - Top 10 Contender (Kawasaki ZX6) 

2014 - Regional Thunderbikes Superstock Championship - Top 5 Contender (Triumph 675R) 

2015 - National Superstock Championship - Top 10 Contender (Yamaha R6) 

2016 - National Superstock Championship - Top 10 Contender (Kawasaki ZX6) 2016 - Killarney International 8 Hour Endurance Race - P2 Overall (Honda CBR150) 

2017 - National Superstock Championship - 5th Overall (Kawasaki ZX6) 

2018 - National Supermoto Championship - 4th Overall (Husqvarna 450fs) 2018 - Regional KZN Supermoto Championship - 3rd Overall (Husqvarna 450fs) 

2019 - National Supermoto Championship - 2nd Overall (Husqvarna 450fs) 2019 - IUM International 9 Hour Endurance Race - 1st Overall (Honda CBR 150) 

2020 - Covid


Racing Career

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