Qatar Motorsport Academy for children

Qatar Motorsport Academy for children

Qatar Motorsports Academy is born from the need to create a quarry of young promising riders in Qatar.

For years, Lusail International Circuit has been a benchmark in the MotoGP and WorldSBK Championships. This is why we have created a base to link our young values with the elite of world motorcycling.

We have partnered with Dorna and Aspire on this exciting new project. “Road to MotoGP”,which is Dorna’s young talent program, will form part of our Academy logo.

Qatar Motorsports Academy has training facilities located inside the circuit so that our riders can achieve the best results and experiences from the environment they are exposed to.

With our methods of training, the riders will get to improve their techniques while learning about safety, they will become more physically fit and develop a more sound motor sport mental state.

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Qatar Mortorsport Academy will be made up of young riders between the ages of 8 and 16 years. The first step in the academy will be for the riders to go through a series of tests where the instructors will evaluate the level of each rider. From there, they will be divided into 2 groups depending on levels of riding experience. This is done so that each rider has the chance to advance at a fair pace based on their skills.

There will be 2 classes per week of 2.5 hours each. During these classes, the students will perform an aray of technical, reaction speed and agility exercises on a variety of adapted circuits. The program will also be made up of theoretical classes.

Classes will be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday depending on the group.

Riders who have been identified as being more adavnced will be trained one additional day per week in the hope of further developing their skills and projecting them into the world of short-term competition.

Theoretical classes will be very didactic at a graphic and visual level. Within the preparations of these riders, and for the development of motorcycling activity, we will add notions of physical preparation and nutrition, thus completing a very high level and well-rounded program.

The academy will be open to Qatari and expatriate children.


There will be a number of instructors teaching the students under the supervision of Jose Luis Cardoso, former MotoGP and World Superbike Championship rider. These instructors will be responsible for the technical and sports training of the riders. With regards to the physical and nutritional side of the program, we have collaborated with Aspire, a high performance centre for athletes, who will provide all things health and fitness related to further enhance the riders.

All instructors are either active or ex-riders and have the highest level of training and experience. Their knowledge, skills and advice will aim to motivate the students to achieve great success and the possibility of making a professional career in motor sports.


No, the QMA is open to Qatari and expatriate children.

Yes, both girls and boys can join the QMA.

Yes, friends and family members are allowed and there is a lounge area for them.

Yes, QMA will provide the motorbikes, riding suit and all other necessary equipment for the training.

Yes, medical insurance is included in the price.

Yes, there will be an ambulance and medical staff available at the circuit.

Transportation can be arranged upon request at additional cost.


Payments should be done at Lusail Circuit Sports Club on the first day of the academy by credit card or cash.

Included in the price:

  • Motorbike for the training
  • All riding gear for the training
  • Spare parts
  • Motorbike maintenance
  • Insurance

2020/2021 season prices and calendar

*Dates are subject to change without prior notice


Registration for children from 8 to 16 years old ONLY!

There are limited spaces available in the academy and it will not work on a first come first serve basis.

Once registration has been completed online, the riders will come to the circuit with their parent(s) or legal guardian in order to sign all the consent forms. These are compulsory forms which give permission for their child to take part in the program.

IMPORTANT: Registration is open for next Term


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